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4Pro Nail Tech Paint Gel 5g - White (861614)

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  • 4Pro Nail Tech Paint Gel 5g - White
    4Pro Nail Tech Paint Gel 5g - White

The hottest bestseller launched this season! Inspired by the needs of the most demanding world famous Nail Art Masters. Here it is!

 This gel of a unique formula, texture and pigmentation allows full coverage with a single layer.

 Intensive, saturated colors stay exactly when applied, enabling extremely precise and fine designs.


Paint Gel is a universal gel perfect for:

  •  single-color overlay manicure,
  •  One-Stroke and Zhostovo nail designs,
  •  all kinds of nail art.


Paint gel is the perfect tool in your hand that will make your way to master level the easiest.

Great time and money saver. Cures in LED lamp in 30s, or 2 minutes in traditional UV lamp.

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